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At its core, Spellcraft Springers strives to breed structurally sound, happy, healthy, and high functioning English Springer Spaniels. We look to the dogs of the past and present, primarily as they've remained throughout most of Europe, to maintain what the majority of the world knows the breed standard as.

We find that the lineages out of Europe hold true to the original integrity of the Spaniel, prioritizing not only their beautiful visual prowess but also their capabilities as a trusty flushing bird dog - and what's more, an incredible family companion and sport dog in dozens of competitive circuits across the dog world.

In order to both achieve and maintain our goals, temperament is king. Spaniels should have confidence, handle mental and physical stress well, and have an affectionate disposition with their families. We want a trustworthy dog that can act as both a partner and a companion, without sacrificing their working attributes in the process. We strive to breed adaptable dogs that are friendly in nature, though not over-friendly and maintain a level of alertness. The goofy nature behind these dogs is something we prize, especially as it is not lost with their high level of intelligence and aptitude for difficult training.

Our vision includes a certain level of drive. Springers should actively want to work and require a job to be happy; they are a working breed, after all.  We look to preserve the classic working dog of their origins while building upon the drive that has been diluted through recent years. We seek to breed exemplary English Springer Spaniels that possess a moderate to high level of drive with a solid off-switch, so that they are still capable of being content as a companion in the home when not on duty.

Preservation and betterment of the English Springer Spaniel breed is of top priority for us. From a structural standpoint, we seek to preserve the dog's appearance as it is standardized in the Federation Cynologique internationale (FCI). This is an aesthetically pleasing working dog with distinct features from the American Kennel Club (AKC) type dogs that we often see in the United States. Despite the fact that we exclusively work with bloodlines from overseas, we do still work to demonstrate the beautiful structure and temperaments of our dogs through AKC Conformation and Sporting events.


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