Our program and getting a puppy from us.

As we do not plan to have our first breeding until late 2022 or early 2023, we do not currently have all information published. We are, however, always happy to discuss with anyone interested in a puppy about our future program. For now, we have included some - but not all - intentions behind our breeding.

Just as our dogs live alongside us in the household, so too will litters. They will be raised following Puppy Culture methods and tested through Volhard Aptitude Testing. 

Live videos of our interactions, feed time, and even testing of puppies will be offered as available in addition to more film that may not be real-time. Photos and regular updates will be provided as well.

Puppies will not leave before 8 weeks of age, but we may keep them up to 12.

Puppy selection.

Puppies will be matched to their future homes.

Through our screening process, we hope to get to know prospective puppy buyers and their hopes, goals, and needs for a puppy. While raising the litter, we will keep this in mind in order to best match puppies to the home that best matches both parties.

We will not match puppies based on color alone, but we are happy to keep preferences in mind.

People may move to later litters until we can match temperament and color if appearance is a priority.

Prices, too, will only vary based on pet or show homes. We do not price by sex or color.

Only show homes will be offered full registration and under a co-own contract.

More coming soon!