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Reserving a Puppy

For enquiries, please feel free to send us an email with any questions you might have. To apply, please submit the application at the bottom of this page.

Our program and getting a puppy from us.

Producing sound, happy, and healthy puppies is our first priority. Every single puppy means the world to us and so we are only looking for homes as passionate about their dogs as we are. Please expect to be a permanent member of the Spellcraft family and to stay in touch.

Puppy rearing and what to expect.

Just as our dogs live inside the home with us, litters do too. They will be under constant supervision and spend the first few weeks in our bedroom. Once they gain a little more independence, they will gain access to our yard and be living downstairs where more of the day-to-day life occurs. We also follow Puppy Culture and Avidog both with our puppies and will use Volhard Aptitude Testing when raising our puppies.

For the safety of ourselves and our dogs, we are strict on puppy visitations within our home. With that said, we realize it is of the utmost importance for puppy buyers to feel comfortable with the living conditions their puppies are raised in. We will provide image, video, and FaceTime opportunities for people. Updates will be consistent. People are always encouraged to meet our adult dogs prior to getting on the waitlist at any number of neutral locations. In fact, we highly recommend coming and checking us out at sport trials. We will also coordinate opportunities to meet the puppies as available!

Sale Price - $2,500 (effective June 2024). Puppies will come micro-chipped, dewormed, and with age-appropriate vaccinations.

Registration - Puppies will be registered through AKC. Registered name must begin with the litter's letter. Call name is preferred to match the litter's letter as well. All puppies are sold on Limited Registration and are expected to have an Ovary Sparing Spay or Vasectomy. Complete spay/neuters may be done at 2 years of age.

Puppy Selection - Puppies will be matched to their homes during 7/8 week evaluations. We carefully screen for the ideal dog to match each family's hopes, goals, and needs. Spellcraft will do its best to match sex and temperament, but will not match based on color. We will keep these preferences when we are able to.

Health Guarantee - Puppies must be seen by the owner's vet within 7 days of purchase. If deemed unacceptable, Spellcraft will take the dog back. We will either replace the puppy or issue a refund. No refund or replacement will be given if the puppy is considered mistreated, injured, or altered by the buyer(s) and the puppy will remain in the care of Spellcraft Springers. All testable genetic conditions will be covered for the life of the puppy. Should one be acquired, the dog may be returned and a refund will be issued. Veterinary proof will be required.

Temperament - Spellcraft Springers stands by all of our dogs. Buyer should understand that it is their responsibility to ensure proper socialization, training, and stimulation as a basic requirement of ownership. Our puppies will always leave sound of mind and we are happy to advise owners on breed requirements.

Return of PuppySpellcraft Springers will take back any dog for any reason. Transport is the responsibility of the buyer(s).

Breeders - We do not offer Full Registration or breeding rights to puppies except for upstanding, exceptional and established breeders in compliance with our breed club, the ESSFTA. Should it be considered, contracts will be on a co-ownership with titling and health testing stipulations.

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