Bri Jansen,
Kennel Spellcraft Owner

Making Your Vision a Reality

Apart from already having the vision of always working with dogs, Bri decided the Springer was a perfect fit upon meeting them through several different connections, from friends to shows. In 2016, she finally got her first Spaniel named Aspen. 

Aspen was Bri's first venture into participating in dog sports. Although Aspen never went on to formally compete, the two experimented with Nose Work and Agility - dappling in a little bit of everything else too.

A few years later, both Bri alongside partner, Brandon, came to the conclusion that Springers were truly their heart breed that they wanted to work toward the goal of breed preservation and better introduction of the European line into the United States. Then there was Salem.

Ever since, it's been nothing but dog-talk in the house. 

They live, breathe, and sleep English Springer Spaniel.

They believe that every dog added to a breeding program should be fully health-tested and proven to fit breed standard in the show ring. Why? This ensures you have a happy, stable dog that can do anything with you and is more likely to live a quality life.